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I hadn't played in a while. Just went in today to do Michelle's birthday. The big household is kind of exhausting, but I love them so it's ok.

Happy birthday to youuuu..Collapse )

Lucy; relatively small post

No events or story in this one, Just having some fun with screencaps. Allow me to demonstrate:

MIKE, THAT IS CREEPY. Not so much with the watching her sleep, but, uh, Nick and Alice were asleep there too xD IT'S THEIR ROOM, DUDE. Haha Mike ended up unintentionally waking them up and Nick was all, "Hi, Mike! Um, why are you here?" Also Alice has new comfy PJs, but that's neither here nor there.

Mike crowned champion of baby racesCollapse )

Lucy; the Couch of Manly Friendship?

I'm making a "manly friendship" tag because I can.
Much longer baby post coming up sometime after this. Meanwhile..

Unrelated, but awesome. Mike has acquired an Evil Homer toy.

There are less caps than I remember. Oh well.Collapse )


I'm posting because I don't want to play until I'm caught up with caps 'cause then I'll just gather more.

Dive in! Har har, I am so amusing.Collapse )

Lucy; Duchamp would be proud

These are caps that never got posted and don't really have any narrative to them.

Title has to do with this first cap, which I like to fondly think of as a ready-made macro.

lol +1,000,000 He scores!

this is an lj cut. you click on it and see magical treasures hidden underneath. like fictional 3d characters doing stuff.Collapse )

 Well, that's your randomness for today. Tune in next time for...

Lucy; personality macros

Hey, Susan, here are the macros from gchat :D

Bonus Alice macroCollapse )

Lucy; a brief interlude

So I decided to finally have Ginny and Harry get married so they can get on with the baby-making so Elaine can be friends with their kids >_> I AM AN HP DORK. SHUDDUP.

The wedding was attended by Alice, Nick, Mike and Adeline.

this is pretty long. goes from the wedding to Elaine meeting Lily.Collapse )

Lucy; the Hot Tub of Manly Friendship

I don't know, but that title makes me giggle. As does this icon.

This post brought to you by the guys being dorky in the hot tub.

In which Mike gets teased a lot.Collapse )
This post brought to you by Elaine's first time baking *g*.

So far so good..

This story has a happy ending.Collapse )