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Whoa I actually had time to play Sims again! (Well this state of affairs probably won't last but might as well enjoy it while it does, right?)

We start of with a screenshot of the really awful interior design of the house that the game gave me, when I didn't have time to make my own from scratch. (See previous post.)

Then the remodeling I've done, most of which happened right after Zen got fixed and then petered off after than when life kicked in.

The bathroom flooding upstairs happened today, though.

Since both Nick and Zach are around, I had them work together to clean up the mess. Nick just came back from his job. He works in a restaurant. I'm not sure if the tux is his formal wear or the uniform, since I forgot what I put him in for formal. Either way he doesn't seem too thrilled.

I call this the "I need to mop beneath your feet, please move" photo. Since right after it Zach complained that Nick was in the way.

Annnd then afterwards Nick got his guitar and went outside. I got curious and followed him with the camera and found that he was playing guitar in front of the mail box. I have no idea why.

Extracted from Zach diary:

...the bathroom's faucet broke again and it took both Nick and me to fix it. The upstairs bathroom was completely flooded, of course, and took a while to clean up. Luckily we got to it in time so nothing seemed to have seeped through the floor or escaped to the hallway....
...I think Nick is regretting asking Alice to move-in, but still refused to give up on any romantic gestured that might not have been as grand once the two people in question are already living together (there is very little that is romantic about who's turn it is to take out the trash). Certainly I can find no other explanation for why he is out there right now, after dark, serenading our house from out by the mailbox.

Or maybe he just forgot to eat while he was at his job again and the blood sugar got to him. I better go and make sure he eats something.


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Jan. 4th, 2010 07:55 pm (UTC)
You can actually extract what your characters write in their diaries? Or do you see the little image bubbles and translate accordingly?

Anyway, mopping in a tux is kind of hilarious xD So's the "plz move" ordeal.

Was Nick's hair always that floppy?
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