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Mountainlake, Day 2-3

I've a bunch of sketches and screenshots on Zen right now. Unfortunately the wireless card is still not working over there....

Brief recap of what they did when left on their own:

-painted, a lot. Her creation looks vaguely like a pink gingerbread house.
-made dinner for everyone.
-stayed up waaay too late playing games on the computer.
-stood staring at Nick as if in a trance while Nick picked up a guitar and tried to play it.
-decided that, after a brief conversation, that Nick is okay. (I lol'ed.)

-went out. On a bike. (It looked funny. I took a screencap.)
-decided that the town people are idiots and went back home.
-wanted to "read something extreme". At least this time he did get a book from the adventures section and didn't end up reading about commitment issues.
-talked with Nick about music. His opinion of Nick gradually improved from thinking Nick is boring to thinking that Nick is amusing. (Though the game didn't elaborate on what sense of amusement, but knowing Mike, I think we can extrapolate.)
-went to sleep voluntarily at 10pm and stole Zach's bed.
-stared at the guitar-playing-Nick for a while, but eventually decided that going to the bathroom was more important.
-voluntarily ate breakfast.
-decided he wanted to play chess.

-went for a brief drive in the more utilitarian of the two cars. Appeared to enjoy his ride very much.
-initiated conversation with Mike. Thinks Mike is okay.
-went to bed at about the same time as Mike.
-went to the right bed.
-was the first one up in the morning and decided that the first thing to do in a fresh new dawn is to go into Zach's room and get something to read. While Mike is snoring away in the same room.
-saw the guitar in his own room, went "Oh look, a guitar!" and started plucking away. Attracted much attention from everyone except Zach, who was job-hunting.
-likes Alice and thinks that she is being flirty.
-when Alice departed to bathe, spent considerable time considering the environment (no, the game literally says that he's contemplating the environment) until I told him to get dressed.

-went for a swim. (I thought "wth." I still think that.)
-was the last one awake in the household (oh the irony) as he stayed up very late with a book.
-was the only one to clean up after dinner without being told.
-fed everyone waffles for breakfast (*g*)
-found a job in the med field.

Nick & Alice's relationship has progressed to where Alice thinks Nick is "being alluring" and Nick thinks Alice is "irresistible". In other words: necking ensued.


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Aug. 16th, 2009 05:38 am (UTC)
Hehe, this was very amusing to read.

-stared at the guitar-playing-Nick for a while, but eventually decided that going to the bathroom was more important. I lol'd.

Also, since you started Nick and Alice off as married, shouldn't they have some sort of an established relationship feelings-wise? Still, it's fun to watch the progression.
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