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I picked a lot next to the mountains on purpose. There is no lake involved. Mike refines his sarcasm.

Nick: So here we are....
Alice: Yep. Again.
Nick: So, uh. Do you know we're married now?
Alice: Yep. But I'm keeping my last name, 'k?
Nick: 'k. :))
Alice: Though this place's a little weird, isn't it?
Nick: Is that a mountain? O_O
Mike: ...'k going now.
Zach: But...the mailbox isn't next to the entrance! That makes no sense!

Alice: The tiffany lamps are a nice touch, but I kind of miss the flamingo light. It grew on me, I think.

Then Nick got distracted by the foosball table, Alice by her easel, Mike by Zach's laptop and Zach by a book from the giant shelf I put in his room.

Or at least, they did until I made Mike and Zach leave Zach's room so I can move stuff stuff around. Afterward Mike went back to Zach's laptop, either because it was the closest computer to him (there's a computer in each bedroom) or because he's grown fond of it. He went off by himself to play video games. Zach and Nick (who, having recently scored a victory against himself and no I have no idea how he managed to play foosball by himself, but he did), went to the living room area and bonded:

Alice: OOoo easel.
Mike: Take that you CGI alien-creature-thing!
Zach: Nick, what are we watching?
Nick: I have no idea, I think I'll read instead!

So concluded a day at the Mountainlake headquarters.

I might make them get jobs soon. Then while they're away I can slowly coordinate the colors inside the house. Except maybe the ones in Nick & Alice's room because they seem to be unnaturally fond of it.

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Aug. 2nd, 2009 05:03 pm (UTC)
Aw, this post makes me happy.

I like the colors in Zach's room! And lol, Nick and Alive have a lawn ornament (the flamingo) in their bedroom XD How fond are they of that zebra couch thing? I think it really needs to go. Plus it doesn't look like something either of them would like anyway.
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